Just wanted to let you know that…

May 26, 2009


After noticing and witnessing all the wonderful serendipitous, miraculous and seemingly magical events in and around my life, I’ve made a silent declaration to the Universe that my life is full of these things and that I would love more of it please!!  I picture my heart beaming this kind of stuff 🙂

Just to elaborate a little…I’ve sort of been doing a personal experiment around miracles and magic  in combination with just letting my heart be free to go where it wants to go and also listening to my inner guidance/intuition.  I’ve always wanted to live a life full of this sort of energy/feeling, so this blog is in support of noticing these things/appreciting them and sharing it with others.  It’s my way of spreading it around or sprinkling more magical/fairy dust into the world.

I really hope/intend that you get some of that for yourself here while you visit here, even if it’s just a little teeny tiny bit.  Because, you know, a little goes a long way 🙂  Maybe I should nickname myself Magic Heart??  I kinda like it so far 😉

*Photo credit goes to http://www.flickr.com/photos/saskya/2206458894/


Hello world!

May 22, 2009

heart flower

This is where I’ll be sharing what’s in my heart, through this new blog 🙂

Lots of apprecition and thanks goes to Erin Halling for helping me create it and making the process fun for me! Yay for enjoyment 😉  Also, thanks to Aaron Ross for encouraging me to get this blog up!

*photo credit goes to:  www.flickr.com/photos/aussiegall/465898486/